Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TechZulu Tech Crawl Venice 2012

TechZulu hosted their Venice Beach Tech Crawl last Thursday. Starting around 5:30-6pm, crawlers began gathering at Mogreet. As it started getting packed, we joined a small group with our designated group leader and kicked off our tour of tech startups across Venice!

From Mogreet, we made our way across the street to the second stop, theBlu, where they create underwater virtual experiences.

Here's one of the crawlers I recognized from TechZulu's Tech Crawl in Santa Monica this past July, where we went on a tour of Silicon Beach (below).

Here's Charles, a digital media recruiter we met, with a friend (below).

Then we headed over to JibJab Media, a digital e-cards company that also recently launched Story Bots, e-learning apps for kids. Here's a shot of one of my high school classmates, Nick, and a friend (below).

Here's Kevin from SocialVents and his friend Jason (below) showing off their neat footwork inside JibJab's hallway with these really cool neon lights...

...and a little peak inside the JibJab office (below). Thanks to Mike for the tour!

Here's my new friend, Danielle, networking with one of the art directors at JibJab (below)...

Their business cards were really fantastic (below).

Here's a group shot of some of the crawlers and a few of the JibJab team on the right-hand side (below).

After JibJab, we ran into Efren and Kyle of TechZulu at 2 Billion Monkeys (below). Thank you guys and your team for organizing such an excellent event!!!

Here's Bonnie, the Co-founder of 2 Billion Monkeys chatting with James from Jamabi (below).

After heading out from 2 Billion Monkeys, we ran into one of the founders of Laffster (below). Co-founded by a former Google engineer and standup comedian, Laffster is a social discovery platform for comedy that personalizes content based on who you are and what you like.

We were really into this Banksy quote that we saw on a Venice street on the walk back to our cars.

After parting with my friend, I headed to Miso Media to get some shots of the official after party. Here are a few shots of the delicious and refreshing hors d'ouevres catered by Dry Tour (below).

Phenomenal job to TechZulu and thanks to Carlson Strategy Group and the very awesome companies who hosted us.  I'm looking forward to the next TechZulu crawl!

To view more photos, visit our Flickr or Facebook page. Be sure to also tag yourself + your friends in TechZulu's Facebook album.

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