Monday, June 30, 2014

REACH | The Wearable Future (PHOTOS)

Last Thursday night, TechZulu and Gadget Review hosted REACH | The Wearable Future, or #REACHWearables, at Cross Campus' new location in Santa Monica. 

Here are highlights, including a showcase of wearable tech by Muse, Melon, OwnPhones, TouchT, PetBot and others, as well as up-and-coming startups like Postmates delivery service and the world's first 3D pen, CreoPopLA Times' tech reporter Andrea Chang led a panel with speakers including ShotTracker's Davyeon Ross, the Calbi Truck gave out free tacos, and TZ and GR gave away over $4K in prizes.

The Calbi Truck parked right out front of the venue, a new and larger Cross Campus on 10th Street in Santa Monica, just a block from their old spot.

There were booths set up with lots of swag from event partners and sponsors including OnLive, Verizon FiOS, and CallFire.

Here's co-founder Andrew Thomas of SkyBell, a smart video doorbell that allows you to talk and interact with your visitors to your door from wherever you are.

Postmates, which just launched in LA about a month ago, is a local delivery platform connecting customers with local couriers. The service, known to 'get any product delivered in under an hour', was founded in SF, and has popped up in local cities like Austin, Seattle, DC, Chicago, NYC, and here in LA!

The Muse brain sensing headband by InteraXon uses EEG sensors to detect and measure your brainwaves to help users increase their mental focus and calm and reduce stress.

REACH hosts, TZ founder Efren Toscano and Gadget Review founder Christen da Costa officially welcomed the crowd, and introduced LA Times' tech reporter Andrea Chang to the stage to lead the panel, which featured Anna Jen of Epson, Ben Bateman from Indiegogo, ShotTracker co-founder Davyeon Ross, and Todd Harple of Intel's new devices group.

Their talk on the future of wearable tech culminated with talk of a scary future of human-embedded microchips!

This wireless brainwave monitoring headband, Melon, also tracks brain activity using EEG sensors, and its app offers games and tips to help guide you to your desired mental state.

The Singapore-based CreoPop aka 'The world's first 3D pen with cool ink', was 239% funded on their Indiegogo campaign, and allows you to draw 3D using different colored inks, inks that also glow in the dark and change with different temperatures.

The TouchT wristband, worn by founder Yana Egorova above, allows you to exchange contacts simply by shaking hands. When you sync the wristband with its app, the contacts go directly to your contact list on your cellphone. They are looking for investors, and you can also sign up to support its upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

Here's the founder of PetBot, an interactive orb-shaped robot that comes with a collar with sensors that you put around your dog's neck. As your pet moves, the orb will move along too, and 'play' with your pet.

These are custom-fit wireless 3D printed earbuds made by OwnPhones. They scan your ear to custom fit to your own ears. Stay tuned for their Kickstarter which is launching this July!

Here's Scot Rubin, founder of NITROPOD, a mobile liquid nitrogen kitchen that makes organic ice cream and sorbet that are flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen. 

Toward the end of the night, Christen and Efren kicked off their giveaway of $4K+ in prizes. Here's the lucky winner of a Muse.

To tag yourself in a photo, visit the TZ Facebook album here. Hear and watch the panel discussion from REACH here. See past REACH event photos here and here.

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  1. It looks like it was an awesome tech event that I wouldn't wanna miss. Recently, I have discovered these wearable artificial vision device that helps people who are legally blind "read" on their own.