Saturday, May 16, 2015

Vincent's Coffee Pop-up | Ryozan Park

A few weeks back, Vincent, a Canadian and aspiring coffee entrepreneur I'd met at a Global Speakeasy, held a coffee pop-up event at Ryozan Park in Sugamo. After a screening of A Film About Coffee, Vincent and his friend Kevin served coffee he'd brought back from his favorite American third-wave coffee roasters from Brooklyn. Afterwards, a group of us took a tour through Ryozan Park with the founders, Rachel and Noritaka. 

三週間前ぐらいに、カナダ出身の人とコーヒー起業者になりたいビンセントがリョウザン・パークでコーヒーのポップアップショップを開きました。『A Film About Coffee』を上映した後に、ビンセントが一番好きなアメリカのサード・ウェイヴのコーヒー・ロースターから来たコーヒーをみんなに飲んでもらいました。その後、何人かがリョウザン・パークの中を設立者レーチェルさんとのりたかさん夫妻とツアーに行きました。

Vincent's friend, Kevin, who co-founded Tokyo-based ABC Coffee Club, a monthly craft coffee delivery service, helped prepare drip coffee.

I tried an iced coffee "tea" with lemon for the first time.

Taro, a Japanese tech journalist living in Berkeley and another fellow from California 'exchanged heartbeats' on their Apple watches, while my friend Ikue enjoyed a hot cappuccino and Vincent prepared coffee below.

Here's Rachel Ferguson, a Scotland native and longtime Tokyo resident, and her husband Noritaka Takezawa, a Japanese native, who are the international couple and founders behind the innovative shared house concept, Ryozan Park.

Rachel introduced the concept and layout of the two Ryozan Park locations in Tokyo: the Sugamo location, where we were, and the Otsuka location that combines the shared house community living and office space with a parenting village that's geared toward working parents.

A handful of us joined a tour through Ryozan Park, which included a peek into Odigo, a local trip planning and sharing platform for exploring Japan, and one of the tech startups working out of the share offices.

Taking a tour through Ryozan Park reminded me of a "shared community living" experience in a large student co-op in Berkeley and taking a tour of startups on a TechZulu tech crawl in Venice, combined with modern features that can really help working parents and entrepreneurs in Tokyo, including a professional cleaning service and parenting village, all-in-one.

Thanks for hosting, Vincent, Rachel and Noritaka-san! I look forward to visiting again soon. :) Read about Vincent's second coffee pop-up.

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