Thursday, July 23, 2015

Startup Grind Tokyo | Fireside Chat with Emi Takemura Miller, Co-founder of Peatix

In June, Startup Grind Tokyo hosted a fireside chat moderated by Tamami Ushiki, Tokyo director of Startup Grind, and featuring Emi Takemura Miller, co-founder of Peatix, a global event registration platform and mobile ticketing startup that launched in Japan to give organizers "tools to create, promote, and sell out" their events. After expanding its offices to New York and Singapore 2 years ago, Peatix recently landed a $5M Series B round to grow its presence to more cities worldwide. Held inside TIP*S / 3x3 LaboEmi shared her Peatix startup journey in a conversation in Japanese with Tamami that you can listen to here. The event was originally part of #SGWomen, a global event series celebrating female founders of tech startups.

六月に、スタートアップグラインド東京が3x3 LaboでPeatixのコファウン竹村恵美さんファイヤーサイドチャットを開きました。

スタートアップグラインド東京が撮影したビデオをYou Tubeで展開しました。Thank you, Tamami, Shyam, and Startup Grind Tokyo team for organizing, and Emi for sharing your Peatix startup journey with everyone. To connect with Startup Grind Tokyo and learn about future events, you can join their Facebook group, follow @SUG_Tokyo on Twitter, and/or join their community on Meetup.

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