Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Vincent's Coffee Pop-up #2 | Ryozan Park Otsuka, Tokyo

In June, budding coffee entrepreneur Vincent Young followed up his coffee pop-up in May with another "third wave" coffee pop-up at Ryozan Park, this time at Otsuka and he brought Yukari Toda of ABC Coffee Club on board to barista together. I recorded Vincent, Yukari, and Rachel (one of Ryozan Park's owners), to hear about the pop-up and how it came together: Vincent shares how he left a software engineering job to pursue his passion for coffee. Yukari, who runs operations at ABC Coffee Club, a monthly craft coffee delivery startup, talks about how it works (in Japanese), and Rachel shares a story of how Vincent incubated his coffee pop-up idea at Ryozan Park, where he lives. 六月に、ビンセントがまたリョウザン・パークで第 2 回コーヒーのポップアップショップを開きました。

Here's the link to the recording, in case you missed it above. You can also read about the previous coffee pop-up that took place in May. Thank you, Vincent, Yukari, Rachel + Nori for hosting us :) Feel free to comment, like and share below.

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